Characters description

Lord Canterville belongs to a very old British family who has been the owner of Canterville Chase for three centuries. He sold the haunted house to Hiram Otis after warning him about the ghost.
Mr. Otis is the American Ambassador. He is a very rich man who came from a modern country where everything can be bought with money. He bought Canterville Chase and went there to live with his family. He doesn’t  care about the ghost because he doesn’t believe in it.
Mrs. Otis is Hiram Otis’s wife. She had been a well-known New York beauty. She was now a fine-looking middle-aged woman, and in many ways she looked like an English lady.
Washington is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis. He was a fair-haired, rather good-looking young man. He was famous as an excellent dancer. He was very sensible.
Miss Virginia was a lovely girl of fifteen, with large blue eyes. She was a good sportswoman and loved to ride horses. Virginia was the only one that didn’t seem to share her brother’s jokes to the ghost.
The Twins were two happy little boys who laughed and shouted a lot. They liked to play tricks on people and were often punished for them.
Mrs. Umney is the housekeeper of Canterville Chase. She is an old woman dressed in black. She greeted the Otis family when they arrived.
The Ghost: Sir Simon the Canterville, the ghost, killed his wife Lady Eleanore the Canterville in 1575. He lived for nine years after that, and then he disappeared very mysteriously. His body was never discovered , but his ghost still haunts the Chase.
He has the ability to change forms so he takes the role of ghostly apparitions.

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